Mutual Empowerment/Humanitarian Assistance Project
MEHAP was designed to bridge the gap between the various humanitarian, environmental and social causes that are in desperate need and our good intentions in wanting to help.

We are able to do this by being an impetus for good! ATA, through advocacy will endeavor to facilitate good through various forms of positive guidance in an effort to help expand and perpetuate an on-going Circle of Good.

Our Mutual Empowerment and Humanitarian Assistance Project includes a Free Circle of Good Sharing System that ENABLES our community members to effortlessly be a part of noble causes and take their caring to new heights! In this way we will be perpetuating an Expanding Circle of Good, where people with good intent can help the world to be a better place. They will be able to do good daily for Free and also have the added option to create their very own Risk-Free, Self-Perpetuating Humanitarian Fund!

You see, we understand that many would like to do more to help noble causes but financially are unable to do so. Working synergistically with our automated Expanding Circle of Good system , our members are going to be able to effortlessly share, grow and create added options that can provide comfort and hope for a brighter future for themselves and others in need.

A major criteria for attaining massive success fast on the Internet is being able to attract the masses. Most people, like yourself, want to do good and will embrace the concept of being a part of a hands-on advocacy community that helps to feed the hungry, fight breast cancer and illiteracy, homelessness, human rights, animal rights, conservation and so much more and we offer it all for free!

Won't you join us today? You have the chance to live a more fulfilling life by helping the world to be a better place. We would like to share with you how you too can live life on your terms while helping charities of your choice to be better able to continue their good work. Join us for free today!