Getting Started Guide

Welcome to our Abundance To All/ATA resource site, where you can Do Good Everyday by giving a few minutes of your time to Click-2-Help for free and actually help to feed the hungry, fight Breast Cancer, become an advocate for the environment and animal rights and so much more!

We are delighted in having you as part of our community of like-minded individuals, who want to do their part in creating a better world! So many want to succeed but are failing. So many would like to do more to help good causes but can’t. We have the solution!

Please take the time to review the various links on the site. Learn more about ATA and how you can begin to help the needy today for Free with just a few quick clicks of your mouse (Click-2-Help) and so much more!

Let’s make Doing Good the “ in thing” to do! It is unfortunately not a given but an option. Thanks for making a positive, responsible choice in helping our world to be a better place. Remember, if you are not in for the solution, you are in for the problem. If you have not already received your own Free customized Circle of Good site to help to spread the Good News, please go to to get yours now!

Make it a great day and God bless,

Mark Chin